Superior interior fit-out services for the retail, office and hospitality industries in Perth, WA.




TASKON is a dynamic, interdisciplinary team specialising in workplace, retail, hospitality and commercial interior fit-outs in Perth, WA.

We combine planning, design, manufacturing, construction, and project management to create end-to-end solutions that transform spaces into places of vibrancy and commerce, effectively reflecting the identity of your brand.

Our team will accompany you right through the project timeline, ensuring your vision is delivered – on time and on budget.



At TASKON we can handle all aspects of your project, including concept design, cost planning, joinery, shopfitting and construction, and project management. We have everything you need in order to go from initial concept, right through to the final furnishings and completion.

Early Engagement Consultation & Approval

Choosing the right site for your business is important. Early contractor involvement is a streamlined approach that allows you to benefit from our integrated property, construction, research, and design services.

Our team can take full control of the coordination of all approvals and any associated consultancy requirements, ensuring your venue is compliant with all standards and council regulations.

By engaging us at the earliest opportunity, we can effectively manage all technical project risks associated with time, cost, quality, sustainability, and safety. We take the time to learn about your business, assess your needs, agree on a process and map out the steps for the task ahead.

Concept and Cost Planning

We produce a comprehensive sketch, or preliminary planning concept, to match your vision and needs, focusing on workspace organisation and spatial planning, which corresponds to your business’s activity and interaction between staff and teams.

Then, we prepare a detailed preliminary cost plan, using historical data, which is then jointly reviewed, ensuring it meets your budgetary objectives, whilst also being realistically achievable. This provides the roadmap for the project’s financial management and control, against which future design and specification decisions can be made. We implement a strategic approach to evaluate the ‘must-haves’ versus the ‘desire-to-have’ elements and features. We also discuss technological options and the latest improvements and trends available at the time, giving you access to the most cutting-edge designs for your project.

Design and Documentation

TASKON develop design options with the biggest WOW factor for the lowest outlay.

We present our designs using 3D-modelling, so you can see first-hand what the working environment will look like. Whether it is comprised of the latest in staff breakout facilities, office décor, internal living green walls, or contemporary reception designs, 3D-modelling gives you the ability to see what the final result will be ahead of time.

An image board will also be produced after a brief discussion about the look and feel of the new workspace. We also cover all statutory approvals, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Construction and Project Delivery

Our experienced project and site-managers take your final plans and ensure it is built exactly as it was designed, documented, and approved.

Surprisingly, the construction phase of the project often takes the least amount of time – once the final documentation is agreed upon, you will be amazed at what we can achieve.

When it comes to construction, the partnership between our Project Managers and Site Managers means that everything runs like clockwork, due to the exemplary communication between them and you – the client.

Handover is always an exciting time for us, as we are given the opportunity to present you with the keys for your newly built environment, one that you can be proud of for years to come.

Relocation should be equally as trouble free. We plan to have you and your teams sitting in your new environment with as little fuss as possible. You’ll feel right at home in no time.

Maintenance and Warranty

A full detailed list of maintenance and warranty details will be available on handover, ensuring all training and warranties are in place.

We will still be there for you after handover and will work with you over the coming months to ensure everything works as it should.


These are just a few of the many successful projects Taskon has delivered, for more info please get in touch.







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